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Second Star Theatre Co’s mission is to support community culture and education through the provision of high-quality theatrical productions for all ages with an emphasis on young performers.


Second Star seeks to be a vibrant part of the local economy and its development by providing artistic opportunities and utilizing unique community assets.

Cinema Complex


The performing and leadership arts academies will take a comprehensive approach to teaching the values of the company:

  • Uplift and draw families together through shared experiences, and ensure that the arts remain an important part of the education and development of our youngest citizens. 

Empty Stage
  • Provide musical, cultural, and informational programming that celebrates and encourages the arts education to develop responsible, dedicated, determined, and creative society members. 

  • Provide a place for groups in the community that may otherwise not have an opportunity to experience and/or participate in the arts.

Serve as a catalyst for a positive environment of connection by developing a strong sense of

self-confidence, communication, and community awareness.

Empty Stage
Acting Audition

Community Benefits

  • Diversifies Talent

  • Fuels the Economy

  • Improves Education

  • Creates Engagement

  • Fosters Tourism

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